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What is a friend of Jah-Jireh?

A Friend of Jah-Jireh is a person who is a lover of God, a dedicated baptised witness of Jehovah, in good standing in the congregation, who has a sincere concern for elderly faithful ones who need to be cared for in their old age, or because of incapacity or infirmity (as in the case of younger ones).

A Friend of Jah-Jireh is a person who is willing, enthusiastically, to promote and support the objectives of the Jah-Jireh Charity. This they do in the following ways:-

1. Act as a point of contact within their congregation (By telephone, fax, e-mail, as appropriate). This may include passing on information to others about staff vacancies, on-going projects, need for volunteers etc.

2. Help and encourage others in neighbouring congregations to become Friends of Jah-Jireh (We are only asking for brothers and sisters who have the desire and the will to help. No one must be embarrassed or put under pressure. Each has their own conscience and this must be respected. - 2 Corinthians 8:12).

3. Where and when individuals
express a desire to contribute financially, direct them to the information in the 'Donation' section of this website.
Again, no-one should be made to feel under coercion or pressure.

If you would like to know more please feel free to
contact us.